Sky Project  2008.09.10

In future hospital ward (A)
Expected construction residential buildings (B) (C)
The plan for the first-period residential building that will be a start of this sequence of project.

Location: Naha City
Structure: RC
Groundbreaking in 2009


The owner anticipated hollowing and slumism of the buildings after exceeding condominium's construction rush in Okinawa. This condominium has added-value of the system that can provide “affluence” which could be a solution of this problem.

Based on the owner’s opinion, the relationship between the field and each housing is the most important and it can be exemplified the thought of condominium. Also the relationship between the building and field, thinking the agriculture from the architecture will lead the possibility to solve many issues through architecture, such as food crisis, declining self-sufficiency ratio and environmental problems.


"Making up the architecture like cultivating" with dream and passion.

he most strict height limitation is combined by operating 3300×3000×3000mm cube grid by 1000mm so that it keeps the improvement of habitability and exclusive field also cleared the demanded number of houses and design condition. It became a configuration of artificial cave that the nature wind blows through.

No rooms have same layouts and all have independent originality. Its originality provides an optical sensation that is living in a free-standing house in the relationship with neighbors even if it is a condominium.


When thinking what we should do for the environment, wide field of vision and longer-term vision are needed to solve a complex equation and its interpretation and resolution method are likely to be separated. However we think its substance is simple to streamline the way of use of energy and asset.
Natural light, fresh air, natural cooling and heating component that don’t relay on power head, generating the environment harmonized with living nature rhythm, having intangible satisfaction such as sense of well-being and comfortableness, and “architecture is the third skin” are all needed.


Exterior from north side


Entire project (left) , Study Model (right)


Exterior from east side (left) , Cubic grid (right)