Design Contest 2013
Okinawa Prefecture Faculty Member Association Head Office  2013.05.28

The facility that is intended to promote and develop Okinawan education and culture as well as to perform several business works for faculty member mutual aid.
This facility aims to the benefit loan operation for in-service teacher members as well as the lifetime welfare for the retired by complementing the public pension to live healthy and have motivation in life.

This rebuilding project due to aging was requested the following condition in conjunction with the multiple facilities including the rental office for the teachers-related organization and the great hall.

  1. A hall where we can gather, learn and have meetings
  2. hall where is widely open
  3. the base of lifelong welfare



“Kushiyukui”means sit down and relax and is the event which was held everywhere in Okinawa where has fields.
It means appreciation and have a fun together after completed harvest. Today only a part of north area has its remnant and hold this event for intergenerational exchange once a year.

We aimed such Kushiyukui-like space for the faculty member who completed their big job and to gain energy for the next harvest while living in coexistence with nature.

A hall where we can gather, learn and have meetings
  • Parking is located underground and the existing yard is newly added a large yard in south so that secure a green place of relief and outside recreation.
  • The basin of feeling cool (rainwater utilization), partly open air with big eaves to take rest, and just beyond located green place. The facility is designed to be a place where the people who are not only the users but also passersby from Kokusai Street can enjoy and live together with its nature.
  • Locating the dining hall on the aboveground floor and connect to outside can realize the beneficial use of the partly outside space approach and newly added yard in not ideationally but in a practical way.
  • Freight EV is located separately from the general EV in consideration of the carry-in route to the dining hall which also would be available serving to the great hall and conference room easily.
A hall where is widely open
  • Considering the connection to the area and surrounding, open the approach toward the alleyway (front street) and make it lower floor not to express oppressive feeling that might destroy the local harmony.
  • Set the importance factor as 1.25 in the structure calculation which can make the facility to withstand the disasters and the yard where usually used as a place of relief is planned to be a disaster-prevention green field.
As the base of lifelong welfare
  • All floors and open spaces are barrier-free access in consideration of the use of elderly citizen and the physically-disabled.
  • Set up the outside terrace as a waiting space for the users to reduce psychological burden on the office floor. The rooms which need privacy are located on the top floor at the back.
  • All offices are located on the same floor to make cross-departmental constitution with flexible room layout so that any services are efficiently performed.
  • All plumbing and mechanical rooms such as EV are located in the northwestward in consideration of facility maintenance.
  • Adopted roof greening and solar panels as the energy-saving strategy. Installed louver to keep out the late afternoon sun, while widely open the south side to take natural breeze. Indoor partitions are also designed to be the louver form to let the self-generated wind blow.

Okinawan buildings after the war have lived together with the concrete. We would like to continue to inherit the efforts to take in such unique natural features and natural culture to the modern universal materials and technique.


Front entrance image


Volume image


Semi-outdoor space image


Courtyard image


A bird's eye view looking south side (left) , A bird's eye view looking east side (right)


A bird's eye view looking west side (left) , A bird's eye view looking north side (right)