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Ot house

Ot house residential2014  

Moviegoing is the common hobby for all family members. The house has 20m approach toward the professional theater room. The theater room is small but installed well-planned equipments and became kind of small luxury. The long approach space which takes advantage of the shape of the site would gently tempt into switching the mode to relaxing mood.
Rebuilding of their dear old house. The pitch of stair with golden proportion which is considered to be good for the rehabilitation and huge space needed for the future nursing care and two families' home could be realized by creating a long approach space.

Mg house

Mg house residential2014  

The family is 7 people, a couple and five children. Both of husband and wife have hard work and they requested to enjoy child-raising. Then it realized that the house has a room which children can racing around and a big yard with a wide deck.
The tree of cherry blossom which has been watched over this area can be seen from inside and outside the house. Living room, a yard, the children’s room, and the sanctum are sterically-connected and it realizes the space composition that every individual can feel a presence of others each other.The softly-colored house is completed with the use of color by wife.

Nk house

Nk house residential2013

A house of one story on 40 tsubo site where is next to parents’ house.
By setting each occupancy according to the deformed site, it ensures privacy and has a court which builds a sense of openness and a garden which takes wind.There is green garden at East side, Wind garden with pond at South side.This is a comfortable house with these two courts. The owner requested a house that ease the burden of housework on double income family and take natural wind of Okinawa.

As house

As house residential2012

Their request were wooden pitched roof, loft, the space which goes with the furniture of Ilmari Tapiovaara, and the life that feel like being in suburb on long and thin site in the urban housing area.
The owner likes 1970’s architectural masterpiece and Perriand Kitchen.The things that remain in vogue and be loved throughout the ages.Always have favorite design around. He requested detailed design.The house of 18 tsubo has spacious living and traditional front yard.

As house

U house residential2012  

A family house was rebuilt to three-level floor of 18 tsubo building area which is built in an urban area. Under the condition of lack of land area which is likely to be anarchy, it enriches the environment of the city including its surroundings.
This is the house which theme is "softness". The main LDK on the second floor is designed to take natural sunlight. It uses Facede Louver not to be closed completely in the comfortable home town.

Tkc house

Tkc house residential2011

Most people like to read a book in the bed room. Most of all books provide comfortableness for the people who put them next to the pillow.
This house has luxury home library in the bed room. Unfastidious kitchen and living are more compact. However it has 2 kitchens, 2 livings, 2 bathrooms and Japanese room for in future change of lifestyle. She requested the open and green surrounding environment with still keeping the privacy from the tall buildings around.

Mk house

Mk house residential2011

The wife used to be an architect and the husband likes baseball. Program is 6 persons family of 3 children and mother for whom nursing is necessary. The husband only requested the baseball practice space for their sons but left the other details to his experienced wife.
7 rooms and storage of a large capacity are realized on volume of 33 tubo. She had detaild demand such as fengshui and design,especially nursing care and userfriendliness.The form was made in obediently number of rooms and consideration of the site condition which is surrounded high-traffic roads.

Ss house

Ss house residential2010

A one-story house of 20 tsubo on 60 tsubo site. Taking advantage of the original figure of the site, the only parking part was cut earth. By heightening up half a stair from the road, it ensures privacy and habitability as well as builds a sense of openness.
Three private rooms including the Japanese style room are facing toward LDK and the layout adheres to Okinawan traditional layout. Comfortable south wind comes indoors through the outer living deck with deep eaves. It can be said “ECO” when taking cool and wind with easily-handed way. This is a house of small-luxury realized high-quality persistence.


Pentagon-shaped site house residential2010

Surrounded all around by high revetment and neighboring houses, this one-story house built on the pentagon-shaped site is bothered from the eyes from above. According to the shape of site, two squares are displaced. With only this simple plan ensures abundant inner space. As they are double-income family, plan is considered for them so that close attention can be given to their children.
he wife loves accessories of such as handles. Gold, pearls and shell-shaped antique style imported products are good accents in simple space. It has an original kitchen with 4m wooden top.