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Ut house residential2018  New

The house built in Shintoshin, Naha City. Okinawan traditional court is arranged to contemporary style.
The long approach space achieves on-off switch and hin-pun brick piles of openwork design makes lantern-like warm light at night to welcome and heal the owner. The structure has element of traditional Okinawa that goes from the approach directly to the court then to the living with warm hospitality.
The nature in city can be felt from sky, light, wind, and rain.
We suggested the space in which they can feel changing nature luxuriously through the court while living in the city.


Omn house residential2016  

The owner bought this ready-built house in his twenties. The plan is rehabilitation of dear 30 year old home. The neighborhood houses have brick walls and flowers in well-kept garden created the trend at that time and history of life.
Making buffer space with a wall called “Hinpun” of honeycomb brick work that blend with neighbor and with simple planar manipulation by locating the living toward east realized the life to admire natural light, mountains scenery, blue sky and moon, and seasonal garden that cannot be felt in previous indoor. The house adopts high class specifications for elevator, barrier free, and exterior building frame.

Hrf house

Hrf house residential2014  

Okinawa is located the nearest to Southeast Asia in Japan. It is said that the historical background and geographical conditions of Okinawa has high potential.
The owner is from England who works as house building in Okinawa and this is his second house. The owner who often goes to south-eastern Asia for business and surfing is familiar to the houses in the area of humidity area. The house has a yard of light in east south in consideration of the wind and a terrace with pool in north with scenic beauty avoiding direct sunlight.Beautiful house with materials and furniture bought directly from Bari.

Sh house

Sh house residential2012

The husband is from California and wife is from Okinawa, living with a cat. A house is located on beautiful environment with 14,000 tsubo preservation green space of scenic beauty, view of ocean between trees, where we can feel minus ion.
The building form was decided to take such beneficialness straightforwardly, the first floor faces to wood and second floor faces to the ocean. The couple likes design and requested tropical modern style.


Vacation home in Hyakuna residential2014  

Live with looking out at Hyakuna which has precious memory. The husband who is a business person in main land and his wife who is a jazz pianist built a vacation house or a small resort facility in Okinawa.
Every room has view with sky, trees and ocean trough the wide eaves. As in the traditional Okinawan house, there is no space for entrance and make any guest welcome with eaves and veranda-like porch.


O3-house residential2017  

The first phase construction of a shared house built on the site with ocean view.
The owner wanted to show concern for the surroundings and made an ocean to be viewed through the clear glass at the center of the building as a picture window so that it cuts off the scenery before building was built. Ceiling color is light blue that could melt into sky and people can forget time and feel true nature at this second house.

Tm house

Tm house residential2019 New

A two-family house built in a unique site that has height difference with frontal road.
There is a big park plan on a site across the road. A house that can enjoy the view of scenic area toward the park by utilizing the height of the site. It has a line considered for children and elderly people. Adjusting with the existing retaining wall and cost balance.
This house maximize the comfort by clearing various requests and conditions.

Sg house

Sg house residential2018  

The house built on popular and quiet area of Castletown. The owner desired to live speciously while the site gets narrow due to city planning road and need to clear strict legal proviso and height limit. After coping with such difficult condition, necessary quantity of room was achieved.
The essence of home is to live a part of nature. The house has a garden toward southeast to feel wind moving through even in a dense narrow site.

Tk house

Tk house residential2017  

The house built on specious site in urban area. Program is for the couple and two kids. They requested the semi-court style to live near green.
Private rooms are kept to a minimum. They preferred to make several small places within a wide space to feel a presence each other even if each one is doing one’s favorite things.

Kj onna villas

Kj onna villas residential2017 

Popular area as a cottage area. The architecture of 30 tsubo built on 400 tsubo site.
By locating four walls to assure privacy and being surrounded by greens as a borrowed landscape, luxury could be realized that all views would be garden.Our suggestion is to enjoy its blessed site.

Or house

Or house residential2017

The third house for the owner. So far the house was mainly planned by the husband who has many hobbies and loves designing. On the other hand, the wife loves plant and wanted to live in a one-story house and live like Ms. Venetia.
This time the husband wanted to build a tall building to enjoy scenery but dithered over again and again and finally compromised his wife. Their final house looks two-story from the road and 1.5-story from the wide garden that can achieve wife’s dream.